Aeromoto Corsa Pro Gloves : Premium Quality Racing Gloves without the Premium Price Tag

Aeromoto Corsa Pro Gloves are brought to you by an up and coming brand in the motorcycle world.  Aeromoto uses top quality materials for serious riders.

What sets Aeromoto apart from most other companies?

Outrageously affordable,  rider-in-mind comfort,  ingeniously engineered,  and constructed with top quality materials.

The Aeromoto Corsa Pro Gloves live up to each one of those standards.  Normally,  a snug fitting racing glove like this would sell for well over $150.  Selling for under $100,  the Aeromoto Corsa Pro Leather Gloves are a great value.  They are equipped with a high end full gauntlet that is constructed from premium cowhide leather.  This is a soft and comfortable leather that owns high tear strength and abrasion resistant characteristics.  The Corsa Pro is decked out with protective materials and comfort paddings.


For protection,  the Corsa Pro is outfitted with a full gauntlet that holds a double closure strap system with absorbing padding in the wrist areas.  The wrist strap has a protective cover that assures you the Aeromoto Corsa Gloves will remain secure on your hands,  even during the unexpected.  Also,  these gloves have a nice looking,  carbon fiber knuckle protector.  Unlike some gloves of a race style,  this knuckle protecting design won’t dig into the back of your hands because they are equipped with comfortable shock absorbing memory foam.  On the fingers,  plastic sliders are in place to keep the backs of your fingers safe from abrasions,  which also doubles as intake scoops.  The intake scoops,  along with a perforated finger webbing,  allows air to easily enter the glove to keep your hands comfortable in warmer weather.  The fingers are even stitched on the outsides of the gloves,  which is a nice touch for added comfort because there isn’t excess material digging into your fingers from the inside of the glove.


By owning a comfortable soft leather glove,  I imagine you worry about lasting durability.  Just looking at the design,  these things have double stitching on the palms and a lot of the impact areas have reinforced leather.  They should have no problem dealing with abuse.  The Corsa Pro’s are well made.  Overall,  these are great looking gloves with many nice features.  At this price,  they certainly seem like an option worth testing out.  They are available in black or white.  I imagine we will be seeing more Aeromoto in the future.  We will keep you updated when Aeromoto unveils their next products.  If you have any questions about these gloves,  the gloves your currently own,  or any questions about motorcycle gear  (from socks to tires to batteries)…   let us know.  We are hear to help.  Email us.  Call us.  Leave a comment.  Whatever works for you.  Until then,  check out the full video review of the Aeromoto Corsa Pro Gloves below.

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