2010 Victory Cross Roads Review by Ric Zittenfield

1-1-11  003

I hated cruisers.  Been riding over 60 years and never liked ’em.  No lean angle, passenger seat from Hell, feet forward, no suspension travel, what’s to like?  Then came cancer with its diabolical treatments that stopped it for now, but left me weaker than before it.  The first gen Yamaha Venture I was riding became too intimidating  and I realized I needed something with a lower seat height and CG.  OMG that describes a cruiser!  Tried some – no cigar.  Saw an ad for the (then) new Victory Cross Roads…what’s this, a passenger seat an adult would be comfortable on?  What else did they do?  Went on line and the rest of the specs were fantastic; long suspension travel, long floorboards, adjustable foot controls, big lean angle, gobs of power, huge and removable cases and a confidence building 26″ seat height.  The test ride was amazing – this thing carves and absorbs bumps with ease.  Now, for the first time in decades, I have only one bike in the garage, cuz my 2010 Victory Cross Roads does it all for me.

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