2002 Honda RC51 Review by Said Maroun

I bought this 2002 Honda RC51 used. I do a lot of track days and last summer at VIR (north) I lost the front end in turn one. If you know the track, you’re pinned in top gear through the front straight coming into turn 1.  After scrubbing a lot of speed (in my case, not enough) I was still holding too much brake and lost the front end. The bike went into a low slide.  A photographer was taking pictures and he caught ‘the show’.


The bike has Yoshimura CF slips on, power comdr, Ohlin’s shock (and race link), Ohlin’s shims in forks, OZ wheels, all the changes to get more HP from the emissions plumbing (block off plates, pair, etc.), HRC racing cams, vesrah pads/front brake lines, 520 kit. I had race fairings, clip ons and rear sets when it was on the track, but now it’s back in street form (OEM -street body, handle bars and foot pegs).


The helmet I am wearing in these photo’s was bought from you, Compacc. It was brand new that morning! I had about 40 mins. of use on it (this was the 3rd session of the day). It’s a Shoei X-Eleven, Elias paint scheme.  That helmet is an OUTSTANDING helmet and saved me that day, as my head slid along the pavement and dirt (multiple times) as I cartwheeled. I was up and back on the track for the next session. I did replace the helmet with an Arai Corsair V, again from you guys.  The helmet did it’s job and did it’s job well.  I will only run a premium helmet on the track!

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