2013 Bell Rogue Helmet : Welcomed Uncertainty


Bell has just released a new helmet model for Spring 2013!

The Rogue.

rogue :
Someone who is dishonest,  knavish,  untrustworthy,  or playfully mischievous.

The Rogue.  It looks mean.  Hell,  it is mean.  Put that skull handkerchief away and check out this muzzle.  A muzzle that only looks like it will keep you quiet.  But,  there’s no keeping your mouth closed with this weapon on your dome.  No doubt,  this helmet is bad (bad is good).  This is surely a different style helmet accessory than many of us are used to seeing,  which makes it that much more exciting.  The Rogue almost has the look of an old school army helmet that’s been fitted with a 1960’s chemical warfare mask.  Pretty sweet,  I know.

4Rogue      GrainRogue    

Equipped with a durable and innovative muzzle,  Bell has certainly raised the bar.  The muzzle provides sick flare to this shorty style helmet,  but with a purpose.  The muzzle provides a comfortable protective barrier against you and earth’s elements  (rocks,  wind,  flying cigarette butts,  your buddy’s [or his wife’s] back hair,  etc.).  This mean face protector is adjustable and features a removable liner.  Outfitted with FidLock magnetic connections makes the muzzle a breeze to put on and take off.

FidLock Magnetic Connection 


The 2013 Bell Rogue is an innovative lid that has been hammered in scary good looks with practical meaning.  This helmet has a lightweight composite shell coated in a few different color options.  All color options look good,  however,  I am a big fan of the 3 matte colors that this helmet is available in (Rogue Solid Matte Black,  Rogue Solid Gunny and Rogue Solid Army Green).  The Rogue is also available in a glossy Rogue Solid Black option.  These helmets retail for $249.95 and hold a five-year warranty.  I must say,  I think these will be quite popular.  Give the Rogue a look.  If you have any questions about the Rogue or any other helmet,  drop us a comment.  We would love to hear your thoughts on this new helmet design!  Check out the video below for an in-depth video review of the 2013 Bell Rogue.

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