Bell MAG-9 Sena is new for 2013 with Bluetooth Capabilities

MAG-9 Sena Solid Helmet (shown with Sena SMH-10)


The freshly released Bell MAG-9 Sena Solid Helmets are a well made open faced cruiser styled helmet.  Designed for the Sena SMH10 communication device,  The MAG-9 Sena is Bluetooth ready.  The Bell MAG-9 Sena is engineered with a lightweight polycarbonate shell that is equipped with a drop-down sun shield,  offering “on the fly” protection from the sun.  This lightweight helmet provides good protection for an open face helmet with a stylish look.

It is very exciting to see Bell team up with Sena to make this great functioning helmet.  While this helmet is specifically designed for the Sena SMH10 headset and intercom,  it will work with other branded communication devices.

With the Sena SMH10 design-specific helmet (device sold separately),  installation is a breeze.  Just snaps right in.

You remove a few pads from the inside,  run the wire,  snap it in,  and put the pads back in;  then you are ready to cruise with your riding buddies or jam to AC/DC.  If you choose to pick up the SMH10 and the MAG-9,  you will really appreciate the smooth look of the two items bonded together.

Bell has done a great job to upgrade the original MAG-9 Helmet by making it compatible with a Sena Communication Device.  The Mag-9 Sena Helmet is also available with  Titanium Rally Graphics, which incorporates sleek racing stripes on the top of the helmet.  The Rally design adds a nice touch to an already nicely designed helmet.  I recommend taking a look at these two products!  You will be glad you did.  If you have any questions about the MAG-9 or the SMH10,  leave us a comment.  We are here to help!  Also,  check out our video review of the Bell MAG-9 Sena Solid Helmets!

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