Suzuki Burgman 400 Review by Mel Keeler

Red Top Mtn and Lake

I am 66 years old and was diagnosed with leukemia last year. I ended up retiring from my job and making g a bucket list. Luckily my doctor said that with the new medications out I could live a long productive life, as long as I could afford the cost of the medicine, which is $8,000 per month. Yes, I said per MONTH. Well, we have a great doctor who went to bat for me and was able to get the pharmaceutical company to absorb the cost of the Medicine for this year. We will have to present our case each year from now on, but I take each day as it comes anyway.

Well, on to the bikes. First of all let me clarify things. These are not motorcycles in the true sense of the word. I have had 5 major back surgeries from an accident I had while I was in the Antarctic. Prior to that, I rode motorcycles for most of my life. After the surgeries I was told that I could never ride them again. When I made my bucket list, that was the first thing on the list, but I can’t shift like I use to, so my wife and I agreed that we would have to be content with scooters. Now, since I am an engineer, I am not the type of person to settle for bottom of the line anything. If I could only have a scooter, I wanted a Suzuki Burgman 400.  Suzuki also makes a Burgman 650, but since our travels would be limited the local area, I didn’t see a need for more power than what the 400 put out.

I started my search by going on the internet to a site known as, which is a good site in that it is connected to both Craigslist and to EBay. It also allows an individual to only search within their own state if they preferred, which was my preference. I was fortunate in that there were several for sale locally. One in particular caught my eye. It was advertised as a 2006 with only 2 miles on it. It seemed too good to be true, but I decided to call anyway, just to see for myself. As it turned out, the ad was correct! The story was that the son was selling the father’s scooter, which the father had purchased in 2006 and had requested be built and transported to his brother’s barn where he would pick it up and transport it to New Jersey where he was transferring for a job. Unfortunately, he had a heart attack before that could happen, and the scooter was forgotten about. Then in mid 2012 the adult children were cleaning out the barn and discovered the bike. They had been unaware of the purchase, so they contacted the father, who was still in New Jersey but was in poor health. He had forgotten all about the scooter and now had no use for it. None of his adult children wanted it, so they decided to sell it as-is. I was able to purchased it for $3700 with 2 miles on it. I had it picked up by the local bike shop, Mountain Motorsports, and fully serviced.

While my Burgman was in the shop we talked to the sales personnel about purchasing a scooter small enough for my 5 foot wife to be able to handle as well. The salesman we ended up working with, Brandon, walked my wife from scooter to scooter to try to find something not only powerful enough, but also small enough for her to handle comfortably and yet be able to keep up with my new scooter. She settled on a brand new 2013 Candy Rose Red Honda PCX 150, which had just been Highway certified this year. It can do 70 mph all day. So much power for such a little scooter! Her only complaints were things they had no control over, such as windshield height and seat comfort. I solved those issues by sending for a GIVI windscreen and a custom seat from Thailand. I also added ‘Knight Rider’ LED tail lights and a GIVI tail bag. It was all decked out now and ready to ride!

It has been 5 months since we purchased our bikes and we have put over 1700 miles on them, including trips to the North Georgia Mountains. We are planning a trip to Key West this coming summer, which is another thing on my bucket list.

The North Georgia area is beautiful.

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