2003 Kawasaki ZRX1200R Review by Nick

I was in the market for an all around bike that leaned toward the sporty end in Jan of 2004. Narrowed it down to a Z1000, Speed Triple, Ducati Monster or a Buell Lightning.
Walking in the Kawasaki dealer to look at the Z1000 there sat a 2003 ZRX1200R in blue. The ZRX had not been on my radar until that moment and after that, nothing else was.
Bought it that day. The Rex (as they are called) has done everything ever asked of it. Loaded up like a pack mule for a 4 day trip, to commuting around town, to pushing as hard as I like through the twisties.

I just pulled the battery out for winter yesterday. That means the next time I ride, it will within the 1st mile put that stupid grin on my face all anew!

As it was after one year:


The 1st ZRX rally where I met an amazing group of riders and made great friends


After 8 years of mods:


On the Cherahola Skyway 2012 – (If you look closely you may see a familiar face in this crowd)..


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