Motorcycle Rider vs Wet Weather : Comparison Lineup of Under $200 Men’s Waterproof Boots

Here is a Comparison Lineup of Men’s Waterproof Motorcycle Boots;  all under $200 dollars.  For us riders that need to stick to a budget,  look at these men’s waterproof boots.  The comparison consists of the Tourmaster Solution 2.0,  Joe Rocket Sonic R,  Icon Reign, and the Alpinestars Roam.  All of these boots will support the touring enthusiast that demands dry feet and comfort at a price that won’t break the bank.

Tourmaster Solution 2.0 < $200


Retail Price: $119.99

Beginning the Under $200 Men’s Waterproof Boots Comparison are the Tourmaster Solution 2.0 Boots.  These are great waterproof boots at a super affordable price (even available in  women’s).  This boot is extremely popular and continues to be yanked off the shelves.  I understand the difficulties in finding a good fitting motorcycle boot for under $120 dollars; and these are waterproof!

The interior is constructed with a HiPora® membrane that will keep your feet dry,  while maintaining breathability.  Owning a breathable boot is a must for warmer weather because this characteristic will help keep your feet from overheating.  (For very warm rides,  check out the Tourmaster Solution Air boots,  a similar boot with mesh panels to keep your feet cool)

The Solution 2.0 Boots are designed for the commuter or touring rider with its light and comfort-in-mind design.  These are a very flexible boot that would be suitable for short or long trips where easy maneuverability off the bike is a necessity.  This boot could be used by the sport bike rider,  if you are looking for a lightweight boot without an over abundance of protection.  I would not recommend them for the weekend track days,  but,  you can’t complain at this price.  Overall,  a highly recommended boot for under $120 bucks.  Check out our price and the reviews of this boot on our website.  If you are looking for more of a sport design,  check out the next boot on the list.

Joe Rocket Sonic R < $200


Retail Price: $129.99

The Joe Rocket Sonic R Boots are similar to the Tourmaster Solution 2.0, but with a race look.  For under $130 dollars you get a good looking waterproof boot that isn’t afraid of speed.  With its race inspired design,  it is easy to get excited knowing it won’t break the bank.  The Sonic R will be a top choice for many street riders demanding affordability and some light track day features.  Equipped with a DryTech™ membrane,  these mens waterproof boots will have no problem in wet conditions.  Not only are these a great rainy weather boot,  they make for a nicely affordable all season piece of gear.  The DryTech™ will help keep water and wind away from your feet,  allowing for a comfortable ride no matter what the conditions are.

Joe Rocket has upgraded the original Sonic Boot to have an injection molded toe armor with replaceable integrated toe sliders.  The replaceable toe sliders set these boots apart from any other boot in this comparison.  Then with a reinforced internal shin complimented by protection around the ankle,  toe,  and heel areas,  creates a good defense against the,  “uh oh.”

For an all season boot that is waterproof with a racing style,  it will be hard for the budgeted rider to pass these up.  Check out our price of the Joe Rocket Sonic R‘s.  If you don’t get excited about the race features,  next on the comparison is the Icon Reign boot;  an affordable waterproof touring boot.

Icon Reign < $200


Retail Price: $170.00

Icon Reign Men’s Waterproof Boots are a great boot at an affordable price.  I added these to the comparison for its everyday-sleek design.  Like Tourmaster,  Icon has a selection of  Women’s Icon Reign Waterproof Boots available,  too!  The Reign is lightweight,  which makes it ideal for the commuting rider.  They remind me of an upgraded Tourmaster Solution Air with its leather and ballistic nylon look.  A neat feature to these mens waterproof boots is the pull tab–  large enough for a full grip to get into the boot and wide enough for easy transporting.

The Icon Reign is a quality boot with a clean and subtle look that you can wear anywhere your ride takes you.  With the style of an everyday boot,  just hop into your favorite pair of pants and most people won’t even know you have on motorcycle boots.  The Reign has some injection molded protection without an overwhelming bulky design.  This boot is a great choice for under $200 dollars!

Alpinestars Roam < $200


Retail Price: $179.95

Alpinestars Roam Waterproof Boots are a comfortable waterproof boot,  designed with a touring look.  They are ready for the daily commuter or trip inspired rider.  A similar mix in design between the three other boots in this comparison.  The Roam boot sets itself apart from the rest of this lineup– no zipper.  All straps, baby.  This allows for easy on and off capabilities,  while providing a feel of custom support and comfort.  With a retail price of under $180 dollars,  the Roam Waterproof boots are ready for cross c0untry touring,  saving you enough money for gas.  Constructed with a Drystar lining,  this boot will remain waterproof and breathable on each and every trip,  no matter what the season is.

A softer boot,  like the others,  the Alpinestars Roam would make for an exceptional commuter boot without hammering your wallet.  Off-the-bike maneuverability is no problem in these boots.  While this boot doesn’t have a ton of protection,  the dual density lateral and medial ankle cups should provide enough supportive protection for the everyday rider.  Hop on our site and see our price on the Alpinestars Roam Waterproof Boots.


Below is a link to a video comparison to each of these boots.  Check out the Comparison between the Power Trip PT100 and River Road Boulevard Waterproof Cruiser Boots (bother under $200).  If you want ultimate quality and a bit more features,  check out our High-End Men’s Waterproof Boots Comparison for boots over $199!

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