Michelin Pilot Power 3 : Sportbike Street Tire that is Track Ready

Michelin Pilot Power 3

Good and bad news, bad news first…  Michelin Power Pure didn’t make the 2013 final cut.  But,  this means that an even better performer must be replacing the Pure’s!  This is absolutely exciting considering the Power Pure was one of Michelin’s most premium tires.  Good news:  Taking the place of the Power Pure is an all-new dual-compound sportbike street tire that is engineered with2CT (front) and
2CT+ (rear):  The Michelin Pilot Power 3!

Motorcycle tires are continuously being engineered and re-engineered to provide the best performance for your purebred sportbike.  It would be tough to find a better group of engineering geniuses,  than those adept and fine-tuned individuals at Michelin.  They have an equal passion for two wheels, as you and I–  ehh sometimes three.  The 2013 Michelin Motorcycle Tire Catalog is chock-full of all different motorcycle tread types.

Pilot Power

 Michelin Pilot Power 3 is new technology!  These tires should perform better than the Power Pure because of the all-new dual-compound rubber.  What is exciting about this is the 2CT+ constructions.  Michelin has redesigned the structure of the pure to make the POWER 3,  which should last a bit longer than it’s predecessor.  A sportbike street tire that has been designed for a few track day allowances,  makes it ideal for thrill seekers that like to hit the track a few times a month.  The 2CT compound on the front should provide the same feel as the Power Pure.  With the 2CT+ on the rear,  I’d imagine it will be slightly firmer,  but have a better response when throttling up from quick turns than the Pure.  At the very least,  a phenomenal addition to the Michelin motorcycle tires lineup and we are ready to check these puppies out in person!

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