2005 Suzuki Boulevard C50 Review by John Gilgannon

I have a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard C50. When I found it, it was on Craigslist at an unbelievable price – I had to go check it out. I went to go see it with my father and immediately fell in love with the two tone color on it. When I bought her, she only had 900 original miles and he needed a quick sale. I left the next week with the title in hand. When I picked her up, the original owner had already done a lot of the work for me: Windshield and bags put on, studded Mustang Seats and also a solo luggage rack on the back (in place of the passenger seat). The very next day I had it registered and insured and on the road.
    As my Irish luck would hold it, the week after I started the bike on the road, the transmission in my SUV died and the bike was my only mode of transportation. I was told to sell the bike to pay for the truck, but I refused to sell something I worked so hard to obtain and dreamed of. I rode the bike in the sun, rain, sleet, and even Hurricane Irene at one point till I had enough money to pay for a new transmission.
    It will be 2 years in May that I’ve had her and since then I have joined the Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club, escorted numerous pieces of WTC Steel from New York to cities along the East Coast, escorted Fallen Soldier’s funerals, fundraisers and homecomings (including my brother’s). I have put over 6,000 miles on it in my first year (to me it’s a lot), and I love every minute of it. I recently started carrying a passenger (after some convincing), my girlfriend Danielle. I also decided to add a Cobra sissy bar for her comfort and my peace of mind, a set of Cobra engine guards, and I bought a speaker system for those long rides where something else other than the wind blowing in my ears is needed. I also decided to add a little bit of flare to it and added some blue LED accent lighting.
    I would recommend this bike to anyone, amateur or expert. It’s a bit smaller (800cc’s approx), but has plenty of power to keep up on the NJ Parkway, Turnpike and any other road I’ve been on. I love the handling. At just a little over 650 pounds without a driver and passenger, it is easily maneuverable. The stock exhaust didn’t seem like it was loud enough for me at first, but it has since grown on me. It’s loud enough for people to hear you on the road, but not loud enough that I’m waking everyone up coming home or leaving in the early hours of the morning. The gas mileage on this bike is about average…nothing spectacular to brag about. Being a small guy (only 5’5”) I don’t find the seat to be too high or too low. I also think the tank is just the right width where it prevents my thighs from cramping on the long runs. The handlebars sit perfectly for me, with absolutely no adjustment needed. My arms have a nice relaxed feel and rarely cramp or tire.
    The ride is nice and smooth. I have hit some big bumps and pot holes with this bike, and never felt a loss of control. Cornering is a dream, and I feel like I can turn on a dime with it. The braking needed a little adjustment at first when I had bought it, and I feel like I will be tightening it up again this season. Brakes fine though if you need to stop quickly and have only locked it up twice.
    Only thing I find is a problem is the air filter – it’s big, bulky, and my leg is right up against the back part of it when I ride (as you can see in the pictures). During long rides I have found this to get not just warm, but hot and I find myself angling my right leg outward. I have found aftermarket ones, but I have yet to do my homework on them. Maybe that’s something I will do this season.
    All said and done, I find this bike to be very reliable. I would recommend this bike to anyone that is looking for one. I have had numerous people ask me what type of Harley Davidson it was and were floored when I told them that it was an import. So if anyone has any kind of questions about this bike I would be glad to help them out with them to the best of my knowledge. It’s a very reliable bike so they shouldn’t have any problems. Or, if anyone has any recommendations for me I will gladly hear them and take them into consideration!
Thank you,
John Gilgannon

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