2009 BMW R1200RT Review by Edgar Larrea


My first bike was a Yamaha 400cc, but I’m not reviewing that one.  After I sold it, I wanted to get another bike which it was postponed for the usual reasons, job, marriage, etc.

Few years into my marriage the bike bug started again, now I just had to convince my wife, not an easy task as you might know.  She wasn’t very keen on me riding a motorcycle,” to dangerous to ride”

I got transferred to Europe (Austria) because of work, and she agreed on me buying a motorcycle there, since people in Europe are more familiar sharing the roads with motorcyclists.

My furniture and car were transferred over there and when I was in the customs office filling the paperwork the person approving the importation asked me if I brought a motorcycle.  I said no, he looked perplex and asked why. My answer was I’ll get one here and he seemed pleased.  Living in a new country and new challenges at work, kept me pretty busy, so time passed.  By the time I knew which bike I wanted I was transferred back to the USA with no bike.

I moved to Texas.  Since I couldn’t get my bike in Austria, my wife kept her promise to let me have one.  We had only one car so my options were at that time to get a car or a motorcycle.  It was a no brainer for me since in Texas you basically can ride all year long.  i finally I bought my motorcycle in October 2011, it was a 2009 BMW R1200RT with only 3464 miles and still under warranty, I guess living in Europe had some influence on my decision.

I couldn’t have been any happier with my choice.  It has almost everything, heated seats and grips, cruise control, Integral ABS brakes, ESA (Electronic suspension adjustment). It takes just a touch of a button to have 1 up, 1 up plus luggage, 2 up, normal, sport or comfort suspension.  The windshield height adjusts  with the touch of a button.  Two sockets for plugging GPS or charging electronics, panniers and top case.  Last but not least, on board computer with tons of information like temperature, miles to go on amount of fuel left in the tank, MPG, oil check, suspension setting, just to mention some.

All that wouldn’t matter if the ride was rough, however that’s not the case.  I had my share of different motorcycle rides and nothing compares to this.  It’s very comfortable, it’s a surprise how agile and docile it is for a heavy bike.  It follows the lines without a hitch, the acceleration is amazing and it is very reliable,  I guess the saying, “you get what you paid for”  is true.

I use it to go back and forth to my work place. I have been in rides with friends and by myself all around the Texas Hill Country, with nice twists and ups and downs,  I look for excuses to go out for a ride, like grocery shopping, going to the post office, etc. Of course I take the long way.

I have added a few things like 3M light reflectors in the panniers, a rear brake lever enlargement, an extra socket to plug a tire inflator (mine said not to use it with a can-bus system).  I also added another socket to  plug  jump start clamps just in case since I still have the original battery.  There’s plenty of aftermarket accessories and you can go crazy and broke at the same time. I plan on adding a cylinder head protector and an engine protection bar in the near future.

After this bike, when the time comes, I’m sure I would not buy anything else but a BMW.  It is an incredible machine.

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