1997 Honda ST1100 Review by Daniel Hughes

This is my 1997 Honda ST1100. It’s not the newest, fastest, or prettiest in my line-up, but I really love this bike. Before I met my wife, Christine, I ended up having to sell my bike and was without one for a couple of years. One of the first things Christine knew about me was how much I love motorcycles, even though I didn’t have one. I dragged her to my favorite bike shop every time we were within a 20-mile radius. She watched with amusement as I sat on every bike that I thought should be mine (a habit I still have, despite now owning five motorcycles).

After we were married, I started casually bike shopping (and continued dragging her to every bike shop we came across), but nothing really worked out. Shortly before our first wedding anniversary, my riding buddy found the ad for this bike and I must have mentioned it to Christine at least a thousand times. I came home from work one Friday night and she told me to get in the car, that we were going for a little drive. We drove for almost an hour, through rural eastern North Carolina, and I could not imagine where we were going. Turns out we were going to look at this bike I’d been going on about.

The guy who was selling it rolled it out of his garage with a sad face. He clearly loved this bike and didn’t really want to sell it. I guess Christine thought it had been a pretty good year, because we left that night with her in the car and me on the ST.

The ST, which we’ve taken to calling the STeed, has taken me all over the Appalachian Mountains, on a marathon Iron Butt run, and to every county in North Carolina. There’s no where I wouldn’t go on this bike.The ST has taken Christine with me on many of these rides. The trusty old STeed is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

I love this bike. It’s comfortable enough for long rides – solo or two-up – and days-long mountain trips. It’s also easy enough to take on short in-town trips. I can pack a ton of gear on this thing so I am prepared for whatever the journey holds. It has fantastic ergonomics for a tall guy like me. I haven’t had to do too much to it to get it just right. The first thing I did was have a custom Spencer seat made. I’ve added a Laminar Lip to the windscreen for a little extra wind protection. I have also added bar risers, a power outlet and a throttle lock. And, at Christine’s request, I’ve added a back rest…I figure it’s the least I could do after all.

No matter what else comes and goes from my collection, the ST is here to stay. It’s the most versatile, easy to ride bike I’ve ever owned!

Here is me the night we got it along with a couple pictures of my adventures.

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