Power Trip PT100 Badlands Waterproof Boots at a Bargain Price

Power Trip PT100 Badlands Boots are a very clean looking waterproof boot styled in quality leather.  Those riders who look for loose fitting leather boots,  the Badlands are for you.  Many riders will either like the roominess comfort or look for a tighter fitting boot.  The loose fit absolutely works with the style and design of this boot.  I personally like the safety of a tighter fitting boot,  but I feel restricted in them and prefer this feel.  These boots won’t squeeze your feet (even wide feet) or suffocate bigger ankles (cankles welcome) unless the lower half of your legs are are super human sized.  I have a wide foot and I had plenty of room in this leather boot.

Power Trip has constructed the PT100 with 1.8 to 2mm of exterior water resistant leather with a 100% waterproof integrated Drytech liner.  Engineered with a Velcro flap over the zipper,  the Badlands will remain waterproof while being easy to put on and take off.  This boot is double stitched which makes them have a quality look while being durable and lasting.

The Power Trip PT100 Badlands are mens waterproof boots built for the long haul,  especially,  with the ‘shifter friendly’ low profile toe box.  These boots would be for that guy who loves the leather look,  loose fitting jeans,  isn’t scared of a ZZ Top beard,  laughs at light beer,  and loves Monday Night Football at the local pub.  If you are looking for a tight fitting performance boot,  these ain’t for you my friend.  The waterproof Badlands keep your feet and toes happy with comfort and style rather than excessive safety features– same reason you wear the shorty helmet, dude.  With these motorcycle boots, your riding buddies will be asking where you got them.  They will be astonished if you tell them the Badlands retail for under $120 bucks,  but with these looks you won’t be questioned if and when you tell them they can’t afford ’em.  For a tighter fitting waterproof leather boot,  check out the River Road Boulevard WP Boots for just a bit more  coinage.  If you have any questions about the Badlands,  drop us a comment.  If you prefer the rotary dial,  pick up the phone and give us a call.  We will answer any questions you have.  You won’t find a more rider specific loose fitting waterproof leather boot for a better price– Badlands,  ’nuff said.

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