1999 Honda VFR800 Review by Lance

My ride – 1999 VFR800

17000 Kms under my belt with this bike, in a short northern riding season and not a bad thing to say about it.
The VFR carves the northern highways and deeks through the moose and deer that litter our highways with poise and grace.
A Vance and Hines pipe emits a soothing V4 rumble while the gear driven cams reminds you of the mechanical marvel you are riding.
I love the smooth acceleration and the more than adequate power for all street and touring jaunts.  I can break any of our speed limits in one gear and the 800 CCs let’s me pass with ease.
A new set of Michelin CT2 tires ensure a safe ride in rain and on frosty mornings in the spring and fall.
Did I mention the kick ass exhaust note?  V4 bikes with gear driven cams have a soulful sound that compelled me to buy this bike and record the ride to work, load it on my IPod and listen to it while I am forced to drive to work during the snowy, cold, gray and dark days of winter.
Spare parts are relatively easy to get, there are even some non OEM stuff that is available to trick it out of you want to mess with the great lines and even better engine.
I love my 1999 VFR800 and wait and pace and pine for spring and sun so we can blast off on another adventure!


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