Shadow Zurich Waterproof Pants are to Brag About

The unveiling of the Shadow Zurich Waterproof Pants is truly exciting.  Like the Shadow Zurich Waterproof Jackets,  these pants are constructed with a high quality and very durable Waterproof Nylon Poly Outer Shell.  Under the shell is a removable liner that will keep you warm and comfortable during those chilly riding conditions.  The pants have thigh vents engineered with high-caliber waterproof zippers.  Thigh vents provide air circulation to your lower extremities, which helps you regulate airflow and temperature inside the pants.  The Zurich pants are made comfortable by augmenting accordion stretch panels above the knees and at the waist line– maintaining flexibility on and off the bike.  Shadow Zurich pants are well designed Motorcycle Pants engineered with full length leg zippers (outer shell and liner). Even with boots on, getting into and out of these puppies is simple and hassle-free.  The design and ingenuity of the Shadow Zurich pants are unparallelled to any pant in its class.

For safety,  CE approved knee pads are willing to absorb the pounding and abrasion,  instead of direct contact to your sensitive knee caps.  Phoslite reflective tubing on each leg confirms you will be visible in low lite or hard to see conditions.  The quality you receive with Shadow waterproof pants far exceeds the price you will pay.  Top-notch materials assures your pants are built to last!

Overall,  you can’t go wrong with these pants.  I’m impressed with Shadow for adding the Zurich to the Shadow Waterproof line.  I highly recommend getting your hands on the Shadow Zurich Waterproof Jacket to go along with the Zurich Pants.  (Zurich Jackets review) For convenience and performance, a rear zipper located on the pants will keep

the jacket secure.  You will stay completely dry and won’t have to seek shelter under a highway bridge to avoid the unexpected rain on those long touring trips.  For the always affordable prices and superior quality gear,  Shadow products will become your go-to brand.

Take a look at the video for a full review of the Zurich Pants.  If you have any questions about the Zurich Pants or Jackets,  or any other product,  leave us a comment!  We are here to help.  Don’t let this affordable price slip through your fingers!

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