2006 Yamaha FZ6 Review by Benjamin S King

I purchased my 2006 Yamaha FZ6 in August 2010.  My daughter was born two months prior and after discussing with my wife about the benefits of a motorcycle, and how long I’ve wanted one since my last bike in 1996, which I crashed badly, she allowed me to find one.  I scoured the personal ads in my area, always looking for a sportbike that I could take to the track.  I had a debate with myself over this though, as I wanted to be able to go to a couple of track days, but also wanted to be able to ride it frequently and occasionally long distances without needing a chiropractor after getting off.  So as I was looking I intially though I wanted a Suzuki SV, but then I saw the FZ6. It was everything I wanted in the SV, and faster.  I contacted the owner and found out the bike was an ’06 with 2500 miles.  After a slight negotiation and a killer price, I took it home.
Once I brought it home I started looking for modifications I could do to it and found I was somewhat limited. The I kept thinking I should have found an SV as the aftermarket for that bike is extensive.  However, I found that the more I rode the bike the more capable it was, and the happier I became.  I eventually found a Two Brother’s Carbon exhaust, Power-Commander, and K&N filter provided a descent amount of extra grunt.  As one of my riding partners has a SV650S and I can easily pull away from him and out handle him.  My future plans for the bike are to get it dyno tuned, adjustable rear sets, and custom tune the suspension from a reputable company that builds race bikes (this provided finances allow it, as I’m expecting a son in a couple months).
I’ve found that at the track my bike is slightly slower than the supersports, but on the street it is more that capable at keeping up with them. The best part is when I get off, I’m able to walk around easily and not complain about my back or wrists (I’m not as young as I used to be, and the Army has taken its toll).
I love the bike and I love wringing it out at the track, even though it wasn’t designed for that specific purpose such as is the case with suspersports.  After several track days and hearing from the control riders that I’m doing a great job, makes me even happier with my choice. The bike always looks good as its not completely covered in plastic and in the last two years I put 10,000 miles on the clock.  Here’s to another 20,000, at least.
Attached are several photo’s from a recent track day.

MAJ Benjamin S. King

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