Shoei J-Cruise Helmet U.S. Release?

All new for 2013, Shoei has recently unveiled in Europe, a new 3/4 helmet. The Shoei J-Cruise Helmet has been said to be an update for the Shoei J-Wing; with an updated shape and aerodynamics. The shell construction of the Shoei J-Cruise consists of a 5-ply absorbent fiber shell for optimum safety with multi-composite fiber layers that absorb and disperse impact. The Shoei J-Cruise Helmet has an improved venting scheme, derived from sport helmets, that consists of one upper air intake, and two exhaust vents. One brand new feature that has been added to the Shoei J-Cruise design is the integrated sun-visor. This is one of the only Shoei helmets, aside from the European released Shoei GT Air, that has been designed with an anti-fog, anti-scratch coating. One of the great things about the visor, is that Shoei didn’t have to sacrifice any level of safety to add it. Some helmets shave off certain layers of their EPS foam so that the visor can fit, but Shoei has kept all layers of the liner for a great combination of premium safety and convenience. The Shoei J-Cruise has a micro-ratchet chin strap closure made from stainless steel, and the interior of the helmet is completely removable/washable. Keep a look out for a possible U.S. release of the Shoei J-Cruise Helmet!

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