Shoei GT Air Helmet US Release

With more than 50 years of experience making new, innovative strides in the world of motorcycle helmets, you can guarantee that if you get a Shoei helmet, you’re going to be getting a high quality product. One of Shoei’s latest advancements is an all new full face helmet design, the Shoei GT Air Helmet. The Shoei GT Air is slated to be officially unveiled in Europe in 2013; there is a possibility for an eventual American release as well. This full face helmet is an all new blend of style, protection, and ventilation to provide an overall aggressive yet refined design. The Shoei GT Air has a new aerodynamic shape with a premium AIM 5 layer shell construction. The helmet has an updated venting profile with rear spoiler. The Shoei GT Air is also the first ever Shoei helmet to be incorporated with an anti-scratch, anti-fog coated, drop down visor. One of the best perks of the drop down visor, is that Shoei hasn’t had to sacrifice any safety elements to accommodate it. Some other helmets may shave down their EPS to allow room for visors, but Shoei has made sure to maintain all layers of the liner to keep you protected. The Micro-Ratchet System provides a secure chin strap closure, but is also easy to open and close when needed. The interior of the helmet is fully removable. An Emergency Cheek Pad Release System has been added to make it easy to safely remove the helmet in emergency situations with little to no strain on the head/neck.

Overall, the Shoei GT Air Helmet is a new design that is not to be missed! A combination of some new features, and some old favorites; this full face helmet has it all to give you the best in protection and convenience, not to mention it looks great! So, be sure to keep your eyes peeled and fingers crossed for the U.S. release of the Shoei GT Air Helmet!

Update!  We just got our first look at the all new GT-Air, check out our video review below:

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