1995 Ducati 916 Review by Tim Turbett

The concept on this bike was to take a classic bike and make it even better with out wrecking it… you still know it’s a 916, but the closer you get the more you notice. It was meant to be a cross between the 916 and the new 1098. Most of the work was funded by selling of stock pieces (and people doing us a lot of “favors” since it was a sample bike for us …that’s not really for publication) on ebay, and collecting ebay finds for a year… it just shows if you do it right, you can fund a lot of alterations by selling the old stuff. Luckily on a old Ducati, these parts were in demand. …like we ebayed the stock rims to get the new ones…the new ones were one of the first pairs made for the 916…it was a company that made wheels for asian sport bikes. Look like a cross between the “way more expensive” ones and the new 1098’s… even pinstriped them like the 1098’s.

There are a lot of small but effective details on the paint/body… like leaving a transparent pinstripe around the number plates to let the carbon fiber show through… why have carbon and then paint over it! One of the things that was so obvious to me but I never saw it before was following the body line with the red paint onto the air box (under the tank) and then let the carbon from the airbox lead to the seat…it just makes it all flow more….(painter and the shop assembling it said it would never work!) On the body, we wanted a carbon belly pan, like the racers…but they didn’t make one for the 916 side panels (they did for the 996 panels, but those don’t have the cool side scoops!)…so we sold stock side panels (which were only on the bike for one summer in ’95, so in demand!), got repro fiberglas sides and cut in the belly pan! …looks like it should have came that way!

Every thing is anodized or powdercaoted red and black, from the cables, levers, brakes, forks, tripple trees to the clutch pieces and parts.

We are big on safety… so even though we stripped a lot of the marker lights we ended up with way more lights and brightness! In the rear the tail light has a clear lens with an led board, that is alternating rows of red and amber led’s…that now work as driving/brake and then turn as well… but that by itself is way brighter than stock, we added additional led signals tucked in the air vents in the tail. In the front we loss the side markers the stuck out of the air runners (we got carbon air runners with no holes) but got signal mirrors that had bulbs and then retro-fitted them with led pods… and now they work as running and turn signals.

This bike was raced a bit and the frame was scratched so we powdercoated the frame…a gold like stock, but nicer! It is a gold powdercoat, but then we did and matt clear over it… then two things you don’t notice unless you know them well..we did the rear frame black like the 1098 and we did the single sided swing in the gold to match the frame… now it flows, but looks stock!

Sorry… I could go on for hours about this one!!!

1995 Ducati 916 Spec Sheet
Powder Coat Frame, Swing: Gold, Black on rear Sub-Frame
Painted Body Pieces: Carbon Front Fairing, Rear Tail and Front Fender with number plates with
exposed carbon trim, SharkSkins Lower sides with modified Carbon Belly Pan,
Carbon Parts: Air Tubes, Air Box, Rear Hugger, Belly Pan, Front V, Undertail
New LED Rear Turn Signals- relocated in fairing (w/Load EQ)
Carbon Gutsy Performance Gas Cap with anodized black bolts
Windshield: Puig light Tinted with Gator Glass lit Zanik Design Logo
HID Headlight Conversion – 35W/6000K for Low/High beam
LED Taillight conversion: Custom Dynamics w/ Clear lens
Signal Mirrors: Converted to LED w/ Custom Dynamics LED’s
LED lights in all gauges and Driving Light=
Relocated Licence Plate brackets: Powder coated Black with LED’s
Seat: Sargent
Wheels: Carrozzeria Anodized Black w/ painted red trim & Wheel Nuts
Tires: Michelin Pilot Powers
Rear Hub – Mad Duk – Black
Rear Suspension – Rebuilt Ohlins Shock (New Spring and Case)
Front Suspension – Rebuilt Ohlins Forks – Black Anodized Fork Legs
Bottom Fork Legs & Brake Brackets: Powder coat Silver
Brembo 16 RCS Radial Brake/Clutch Master Cylinder kits
Front & Rear Brakes: Brake Tech
Front Brake Calipers: Powder coated Gold
Clutch & Brake lines: Black Stainless/Red ends/Black bolts
Top Triple Clamp: Cycle Cat – Black
Bottom Triple Clamp: Powder coated Black
Clip-ons: Yoyodyne
Steering Damper: Matris
Grips: Rizmo Anodized Black and Black Rubber inserts
Fork Caps: Anodized Red
Rear Sets: Desmo Works – Black
High Compression pistons
Oversized valves
Ducati Performance “race” chip
Lightened flywheel (Nichols)
“Evoluzione” ignition super charger
“Evoluzione” clutch slave
Engine Side Covers: Welded and Powdercoated Silver
Slipper clutch, Barnett clutch plates Red Cover and Gold Spring Covers
Oil Breather: Anodized Red
Air filter: ITG
Clutch Cover: Speedymoto “Flow” – Anodized Black
Ceramic Coat Pipes – Jet Hot “Extreme Sterling”
Exhaust: Termignoni – Repack Cans and Clear Coated
Tim Turbett

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