2004 Honda VLX600 Deluxe Review by Robert Garner

I traded my Rancher 350 for this 2004 VLX600 deluxe. When I received it, it was in mint condition and bone stock. As soon as I got it I immediately started tearing it down. I knew that I wanted to create a bobber out of it. I started out by putting 1″ drag bars with new grips. I cut down the stock exhaust and wrapped in hear wrap. Put a solo seat with 3″ springs. This was the tricky part as I had never welded anything before this but it turned out ok I think. Then I went on to the rear tail section. I cut the rear struts completely off and took a West Coast rear fender and cut in half and welded on some 1/4 round bar as struts. LED brake light mounted under fender and LED running lights flush mounted in what was left of the rear struts. Last I painted the bike a silver hammered texture and as you can see in the one picture I had to do the tank twice because I spilled gas on it while it was drying. Hope you like the bike and story.

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