‘Protect Your Neck’: Atlas 2012 Neck Brace Review

The Atlas Neck Brace design has been fueled by a racer’s perspective. Designed by racers, for racers, the Atlas Neck brace design has been tested and refined over a three year period. The end result is a high quality neck brace with all the safety and convenience features you could want.

The Atlas is very easy to remove and or put on. There aren’t any fasteners or buckles to mess with; just simply slide the brace over your head, and you’re ready to go. The brace has a flexible/ open frame design, as well as a 3-axis adjustability system; making it the first non-rigid brace on the market. Its overall construction is impact resistant, shatter resistant, produces a vibrant finish, and easily accepts graphics (hassle free customization). The Atlas Neck Brace has an ERS (Emergency Release System) that provides safe removal of the brace after a crash. There are several other beneficial features that will help to protect you in the event of an impact; including:


-Dual Pivoting Back Supports– which will provide greater surface area spread across the back


-Open Sternum– also helps transfer impact around sternum on greater surface area of body, possibly reducing risk of fracture


-Chest Suspension– a leaf spring chest design which aids in absorbing/slowing down hyper-flexion impacts


Rear View



The Atlas Neck Brace is available in 3 adjustable sizes (small, medium, and large). The complete package consists of: 1 set of additional rear mounts, 2 strap systems, 1 draw-string brace bag, and a user manual. To learn more about the Atlas Neck Brace, Atlas Brace Technologies, and our other neck brace options, check out our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!

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