Dystany Spurlock at the MiRock World Finals

Earlier this month, we had a chance to check out the MiRock World Finals; where we were able to check out a few races, as well as talk to a few racers like Rickey Gadson. We also ran into one of racing’s newest stars, Dystany Spurlock. Despite starting her career only two years ago, Dystany has already made a name for herself in the motorcycle racing world. She began riding at the age of 17 with her first bike, a 2006 GSXR 750. Both Dystany’s mother and father are riders, so you could say that motorcycles are in her blood. She also has a godfather, Shawn Freedman, who was a drag racer; Dystany would often go with him to the track to watch races, and he was part of her inspiration for wanting to take on the sport. Dystany began riding with BMW after meeting Brock Davidson at the Manufacturers Cup Finals in Georgia. It was there that Brock let Dystany test drive a stock BMW S1000 RR. She set a record of 163 MPH in 8.61 seconds. It was clear that Dystany and the S1000 RR were a match made in heaven, and she swapped her Suzuki out for a Bimmer soon after. In 2011, she announced her NHRA Pro Stock Endeavor. Dystany won her first event at Virginia Motorsports with a time of 9.39 ET at 141 MPH. Her best time to date is 8.46 ET at 158 MPH. Regardless of her young age, or her technical “rookie” status, Dystany Spurlock undeniably races like a pro. She has recently joined with the independent racing team Alter/Bivins, and she also has plans to expand her skills beyond just the motorcycle world. Next year Dystany will be pursuing stock car racing for NASCAR, and is already sponsered by the Africa Channel.


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