Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus Motorcycle Covers

As the weather gets progressively colder, a lot of riders are beginning to put their bikes up for the season. But while your ride may be hibernating in the garage while you wait for warmer days to come back around; you still want to make sure it stays in good condition; free from dust, dirt, grime, or any other unwanted elements. A great way to do this is by investing in a motorcycle cover. Dowco is a company that specializes in motorcycle covers, and their all new Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus Motorcycle Cover is a premium option for those who are looking for the best. The Weatherall cover is 100% waterproof, with a 150×250 denier polyester water resistant undercoating. There is an improved moisture guard vent that will remain open to ensure that even though its covered, your bike will still get some ventilation. An elastic shock cord has been sewn to the bottom of the cover to provide a good fit whether you have a small street bike, or a bohemoth touring bike. For security, improved grommets have been sewn directly into the cover, which would cause any thief to have to cut through the cover to remove it, thereby making it more difficult to steal without being noticed. The Guardian Weatherall Plus Motorcycle Cover is available in 5 different sizes, so you have the chance to pick the best option for your needs. You can learn more about the Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus Motorcycle Covers, Dowco products, and other motorcycle cover options, on our website:!


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