New EVS Protective Gear!

EVS has just released a new line of street protection. Among this group of new products is the EVS Race Back Protector, the EVS Sport Back Protector, EVS Street Vest Protector; as well as the EVS Comp Vest Protector and the EVS Comp Jacket Protector. No matter what level of protection you’re looking for, EVS has provided some great potential options. Take a look!


EVS Race Back Protector


The EVS Race Back Protector comes equipped with 3 layer impact absorption. It’s adjustable arm straps allow for a comfortable, personalized fit. This a great feature for those who are typically plagued by armstraps that dig in, due to poor fit, and create a distraction as you ride. The custom molded foam has been designed to produce maximum airflow, allowing for warm air to escape and keep you cool.The EVS Race Back Protector is also fully-articulated to move with you when riding providing flexibility and ease of movement.





EVS Sport Back Protector




The EVS Sport Back Protector has 2-layer impact absorption. Like the Race Back Protector has adjustable arm straps for a custom fit. The Sport Back Protector has a honeycomb vented shell; as well as air mesh to provide ventilation. The fully-articulated spine protection moves with you for flexibility and ease of movement.

EVS Street Vest Protector


The EVS Street Vest Protector also boasts adjustable arm straps, as well as adjustable kidney belts. But there are a few other elements that will provide you with whole new level of protection. The foam impact chest protector will add frontal coverage with the incorporated back protection to keep you covered on both sides. The EVS Street Vest comes with an aerodynamic speed hump that can also be used for storage, or a hydration pack holder. The EVS Street Vest has a relatively low profile that will fit underneath most jackets.

EVS Comp Vest Protector

Much like other EVS protective gear, the EVS Comp Vest Protector has an articulated spine protector that will move with you as you ride. The protective PU back armor is removable allowing it to be cleaned and keep the Comp Vest fresh longer. The vest has a compression fit, meaning it is both form fitting and low profile to enable it to be worn under racing gear/leathers. Not only is the EVS Comp Vest equipped with back armor, it also has foam impact chest protectors to give you overall front and back coverage.

Back View

EVS Comp Jacket Protector

The EVS Comp Jacket Protector provides full torso and elbow protection. With the combination of the foam impact chest protectors, and spine protector, the Comp Jacket Protector has complete front and back coverage. The spine protector is articulated, allowing it to move with you as you ride. The built in kidney belt will give the jacket a secure fit. The EVS Comp Jacket Protector has a compression fit meaning it has an overall snug fit/low profile; making it easy to slip on underneath racing gear/leathers.

Back View

For more information about EVS gear, or our wide selection of protective motorcycle gear, check out our website:!

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