Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet Review

The RJ Platinum-R is Shoei‘s ‘next generation’ open face helmet. Its smooth, streamlined new look is a complete overhaul of the original Shoei RJ-Air. The RJ Platinum-R has a lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM) Shell. There are adjustable top intake vents, as well as rear exhaust vents. The interior of the helmet has a 2layer liner that allows for a smooth passage of air to improve overall cooling performance. The RJ Platinum R comes with Shoei’s distinctive open-road visor. The interior of this open-face helmet has a comfortable 3D liner, made from removeable/washable materials. Some additional convenience features include: communication system compatibility, and padded chin straps. The RJ Platinum is DOT/Snell 2005 approved. You can check out the Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet, other Shoei Helmet models, as well as our broad selection of various motorcycle helmet brands on our website:!

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