MCN Chooses Sliders Jeans with Kevlar as their Best Buy!

We were honored and excited to hear that Motorcycle Consumer News recently chose Sliders Jeans with Kevlar as their “Best Buy” in the September 2012 issue.  In this Kevlar Jeans comparison, MCN compared five different brands of Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans from some big name manufacturers.  The MCN staff rated the jeans for features such as Construction, Fit, Protection, Breathability, Comfort, Feature, and Value.  All of these categories are important when comparing Motorcycle Jeans, as the whole point is to stay comfortable AND protected while on the bike.  Where the Sliders Jeans really shine though, is their value.  At just $79, they are priced significantly lower than the competition.  Combine that with top marks for comfort and the most genuine Dupont Kevlar coverage than any of the others, the Sliders Jeans with Kevlar are a clear winner.  Available in both blue and black, and sizes ranging from 30×30 to 44×36, Sliders Jeans with Kevlar are a comfortable alternative to dedicated riding pants.  CE approved knee armor is optional and height adjustable.  Sliders Gear is sold exclusively at Competition Accessories, and offers a wide variety of riding gear, from casual protective gear such as these jeans, to dedicated hard-core touring gear like the Sliders Quest 4.  Pick up a pair or two of the Sliders Motorcycle Jeans with Kevlar today, you won’t regret it!


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