New Scorpion VX-34 Helmet Review

Scorpion VX-34 Trix Helmet

For years Scorpion’s VX-34 lineup of off-road helmets has been known its superior quality and innovative designs.  New for fall 2012, the Scorpion VX-34 Demented and Scorpion VX-34 Trix Helmets bring a fresh new look to an already great collection of helmets.
Both the VX-34 Demented and VX-34 Trix Helmet use the same DOT approved premium polycarbonate shell for construction.  For added protection, these helmets also have a special EPS liner underneath the poly outershell.  The EPS liner is designed to absorb the force of impact in the event of a crash, reducing the chance of a blackout.  The VX34 helmets‘ outershell is not only designed for protection, but for performance as well.  Both the Demented and Trix helmets are designed and tuned to be as aerodynamic as possible.  The major difference between the VX-34 Demented and VX34 Trix Helmet is the graphic design and color scheme used on each helmet.  The VX-34 Demented helmet uses a fun pink, blue, and green retro design, and comes in black or white.  On the other hand, the  VX-34 Trix Helmet only comes in white and uses a black, orange, and blue paint splatter graphic design.
Both VX-34 helmets have several convenient features that set them apart from the basic off-road helmet.  These include a changeable mouthvent that can be taken on and off without a tool, a removable and washable KwickWick2 Liner set, and  replaceable mud guard.  Air inflatable cheekpads, with an air pump, and a cooling ventilation system is also included for added comfort.  Both the Scorpion VX-34 Demented and Scorpion VX-34 Trix Helmet carry on Scorpion’s philosophy of making the highest quality and coolest off-road helmets around.  Take a look at the Scorpion VX34 Demented and Scorpion VX-34 Trix Helmet, as well as other ATV helmets on our website:!

Scorpion VX-34 Demented Helmet

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