Scorpion EXOwear Men’s Torque Jackets

The EXOwear Men’s Torque Jackets from Scorpion is a light weight option for the rider who wants a waterproof all-season textile jacket.  The outer layer of the Torque Jacket consist of a 600 denier Nylon shell, coated with polyurethane for waterproof protection.  This Men’s Scorpion Jacket has two distinctive interior liners that make it ideal for all-season riding.  The first of these liners is a removable full-sleeve EverHeat™ thermal liner vest, designed to keep the rider warm when riding in colder weather conditions.  In the heat of summer, the thermal liner can be removed to uncover a built-in mesh liner.  With the help of two zippered vents on the front and two more on the back, the interior mesh liner keeps a cool flow of fresh air coming through the jacket.  The Scorpion EXOwear Torque Jacket makes for a comfortable ride, no matter what the weather is like outside.
To keep the elbows and shoulders safe in the event of a crash, the Torque Jacket has CE approved armor protecting these areas.  For back protection it has a special compartment where P.E. approved padding can be inserted.  Another safety feature of the Torque Jacket is the  NightViz™ reflective trim on back, designed to make sure the rider is highly visible day or night.  For storage the Torque Jacket has two exterior pockets, which double as hand warmers, along with one pocket on the inside of the jacket.  To assure every rider gets a secure fit, the Torque Jacket has adjustable straps around the waist, wrist, and both arms.  It also features a mandarin style collar for look and comfort.  For convenience, the Torque Jacket has a belt loop for attaching your favorite pair of riding pants.  Check out the Scorpion  EXOwear Torque Men’s Textile Jacket and other men’s textile jackets on our website:!

Rear View

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