Givi Monokey Trekker Hard Case – 52 Liter Review

For those who need more space than the 33 and 46 liter cases can provided, Givi is releasing their Monokey Trekker 52 Liter Hard Case for Summer 2012.  The 52 liter storage capacity allows for two full-size helmets to be stored securely inside the case.  To keep your personal items protected on the road, the Monokey Trekker Case is made of polymers reinforced with glass fibers for high structural rigidity.  The exterior shell is covered with anodized aluminum to resist all weather conditions.  Like other cases in the Monokey lineup from Givi, the Trekker 52 liter Hard Case features the innovative Monokey system that allows the case to be opened and detached from its fixing plate with one key.  This hard case also has special selectors inside that allow switch between opening the entire case or just the smaller uppermost opening.  This is very convenient for quickly accessing your items, without accidentally spilling the entire contents of the case.  The elegant black and aluminum design of the Monokey Trekker 52 Liter Hard Case not only looks good on enduro bikes, but makes for the perfect accessories on touring bikes as well.  If you are in the market for tough, good-looking case with a ton of storage, check out the Givi Monokey Trekker 52 Liter Hard Case. Take a look at our other motorcycle luggage options on our website:!

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