Arai Vector 2 Giugliano Helmet Review

With the original Vector full-face helmet Arai listened to needs of riders who wanted a high-quality helmet, without all the pricey bells and whistles.  With its affordable price and outstanding quality, the original Vector Helmet from Arai was hugely successful upon its release.  New for 2012, the Arai Vector 2 Giugliano Helmet picks up where its predecessor left off.  The new version of the Vector 2 Helmet adds new features to improve overall safety and convenience.  This particular model of Arai Vector 2 Helmet features the unique graphic design of Italian Racer Davide Giugliano.
The exterior shell of the Vector 2 Giugliano Helmet is hand-made and built with the same quality of the more expensive helmets from Arai.  The shell is constructed of DOT approved Complex Laminate to give it strength, flexibility, and a low weight.  Like all Arai helmets, The Vector 2 helmet incorporates Arai’s organic shell design philosophy to make it fit more closely to the shape of the human head.    To further enhance shell strength, Arai has added an outward-flaring Hyper-Ridge around the bottom of the helmet.  The outward-flaring Hyper-Ridge also creates a wider opening on the bottom of the helmet, allowing it to be taken on and off easily.  One important improvement over the original Vector helmet is the larger eyeport.  The  larger eyeport gives riders better viewing for increased safety, and a greater feeling of openness for increased riding pleasure.  The graphics package on the exterior of the Arai Vector 2 Giugliano Helmet uses a flamboyant design in the colors of the Italian national flag (green, white, and red).
One of the biggest areas of improvement of the Arai Vector 2 Giugliano Helmet over its predecessor is ventilation.  The Vector 2 Giugliano Helmet has a new ACF-2 intake vent on the front of the helmet, designed to bring in a ton of air.  The ACF-2 vent has a sliding door mechanism that can be used to adjust the amount of air that comes into the helmet.  For even more inflow, an extra vent exist on the chin of the Vector 2.  To efficiently remove stale hot air from inside the helmet, the Vector 2 also has new ACR-2 exhaust vents on the rear of the helmet.  These large vents double as wings and have special inlets designed to accelerate the airflow over the exhaust vent holes.  In addition to new vents on the front and rear of the helmet, the Vector 2 Giugliano Helmet feature new larger vents on the side as well.
Unlike the original Vector Helmet, the interior liner of the Vector 2 Helmet is fully removable.  This plush interior liner includes full-perimeter crown padding for extra comfort, as well as removable cheekpads.  The 5mm peel away cheek pad system allows for you to have the option of a thinner cheek pad set, without having to go out and buy an optional cheek pad set.  The Vector 2 also has a 5mm peel away system for the temple pads.  Vector 2 Giugliano Helmets also feature Arai’s multi-density EPS liner.  The EPS liner system uses up to five different densities molded into one singe piece to create mutual support between the cells during impact.  If one cell is crushed under impact, its neighboring cells will jump in and assist with absorbing energy.  This EPS liner system is unique to Arai and will not be found in any other helmets on the market.  With its unmatched quality, superior comfort, and advanced safety features, the Arai Vector 2 Giugliano Helmet is the perfect choice for the serious rider on a budget.  Check out this and other motorcycle helmet options on our website:!

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