Shoei X-Twelve Helmet Review and New Graphics

The Shoei X-Twelve is a successor to Shoei’s X-Eleven Helmet. Both options are great additions to Shoei’s already sterling line of full face helmets, however, the X-Twelve has a few features that clearly put it a step above its predecessor. This helmet comes equipped with Shoei’s new Q.R.S.A. (Quick Releasing Self Adjusting) Base Plate System. The QRSA eliminates the need to adjust base plates for a proper seal. Each time the shield is lowered, the spring-loaded base plates pull the shield back to connect the window beading evenly, and supply a guaranteed wind/waterproof seal. The X-Twelve’s faceshield is a CW-1 shield that is both wider and taller than Shoei’s previous faceshields; and protects against 99% of harmful UVA & UVB rays.

The shell of the X-12 is SNELL M2010 Approved, with an AIM shell construction, and comes in five different shell sizes to give the rider the best possible fit. The rear of the shell has been integrated with an Aero Edge 2 Spoiler. This feature helps to minimize lift and wind drag at high speeds. The X-Twelve has a great ventilation system with five intake vents and ten exhaust vents making it the most aggressively ventilated helmet SHOEI has ever produced. The interior of the helmet has a 3D Max Dry lining as well as a Dual-Layer EPS liner. In the event of emergency situations, the X-Twelve has an E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System). In an emergency, should you ever have to get your helmet off with little to no strain on your head and neck, the EQRS Mechanical tabs will disengage the cheek pads for easy removal by emergency medical personnel. A removable chin curtain can be used to reduce wind noise and turbulence  and the breath guard can be inserted into the upper edge of the chin bar to help reduce fogging by directing exhausted breath down and out of the base of the helmet. The X-12 comes with a five year warranty, and a few accessories including: a maintenance kit, nylon drawstring helmet bag, and an optional air mask.

Shoei has just released new helmet graphics for several of their helmet models including the X-12! Please note that several of these new graphics will not be available until January 2013.


-Shoei X-Twelve B-Boz 2 Helmet
-Shoei X-Twelve Bautista Helmet
-Shoei X-Twelve Marquez Helmet


Shoei X-Twelve B-Boz 2 Helmet: This patriotic style helmet has a bold stars and stripes graphic.

Shoei X-Twelve Bautista Helmet: The Bautista has an artistic graphic reminiscent of something you might see in a stained glass window. It’s intricate design is truly one-of-a-kind.

Shoei X-Twelve Marquez Helmet: The Marquez Helmet has a racer-style graphic with a red, white, blue, and black colorway.

You can check out the Shoei X-Twelve Helmet, other Shoei helmet models, and our broad assortment of motorcycle helmet brands on our website:!

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