Shoei VFX-W Helmet New 2013 Graphics

Shoei has released new graphics for several of their helmet models including the VFX-W. The Shoei VFX-W helmet has been a great choice for off-road riders in the past, and its popularity is sure to grow, thanks to these five new killer graphics. This Shoei helmet has a Lightweight Advanced Integrated Matrix Shell, a Flow Through Ventilation System, and a 3D Max-Dry Removable Liner System. All three of these elements make for a premium off-road helmet.

-Shoei VFX-W Krack Helmet
-Shoei VFX-W Werx Helmet




-Shoei VFX-W K-Dub 3 Helmet




-Shoei VFX-W Solid Helmet




-Shoei VFX-W Grant Helmet




Shoei Krack Helmet: The Krack helmet has a detailed, ‘futuristic’ graphic that comes in three different colorways. This particular Shoei graphic is certainly unique, and is great for those looking to set themselves apart from other riders.

Shoei Werx Helmet: The Werx helmet has a sleek design that’s going to look great on the trails. Its available in several colors: Orange, Black, Green, Red, and Blue.

Shoei K-Dub 3 Helmet: The K-Dub 3 is an intricate graphic with iridescent accents that will look great when the sun hits it.

Shoei VFX Solid Helmet: The VFX-W has added new options  to their solid helmet line up. This includes the Brilliant Yellow, Pure Orange, and Silver

Shoei Grant Helmet: This helmet has a very cool graphic consisting of a silver cross, roses and thorns. The Grant Helmet has been previously featured in red, silver, and blue. Shoei has recently added green to the list of available colors.

You can check out these new graphics, previous VFX-W graphics, and other Shoei helmets on our website:! You can also find a more in-depth review of the Shoei VFX-W helmet features on our blog:




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