Shoei Neotec New Graphics and Helmet Review

Shoei has just released two new graphic options for their popular helmet model, the Shoei Neotec. Now available in the solid Shoei Neotec Matte Deep Grey Helmet graphic and the Shoei Neotec Borealis Helmet graphic, the Neotec is also still available in solid colors.

Boasting improved shell aerodynamics, a wider and taller field of vision, a reduction in wind noise, an internal sun shield, and a fully removable, washable and replaceable liner system, the Neotec is the next level of modular helmet design for today’s hybrid motorcyclists.

For years Shoei refused to include a drop down sun visor on their helmets, as the internal visor would need a place to reside once flipped up (reducing energy absorbing material in the forehead area). Shoei Neotec helmets address this issue by building a recess into the shell itself, without compromising on liner thickness. Shoei Neotec Helmets use Shoei’s AIM shell, which stands for Advanced Integrated Matrix. The Shoei Neotec Helmet boasts a lot of upgraded features when compared with it’s predecessor, the ever popular Shoei Multitec.

The chinbar pivot has been improved, placing the chinbar lower when in the upright position. The Neotec Modular Helmet also utilizes what Shoei is calling their Vortex Generator Lip. This is a small spoiler built into the trailing edge of the chin bar. The spoiler directs air up and away from the gap between the shell and the chinbar, as well as directing air around the slider for the internal visor.

To learn more about the premium features of this particular model, Check out the in-depth Shoei Neotec Helmet review on our blog. You can also find other Shoei helmet models, and a broad selection of various motorcycle helmet brands on our website:!


Shoei Borealis Helmet
Shoei Matte Deep Gray Helmet


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