2013 HJC New Helmet Line

For 2013, HJC has released an all new line of helmets! Introducing, the all-new RPHA helmet series! (R-Revolutionary, P-Performance, HHelmet, A-Advantage).

This series consists of the RPHA-10 full-face (formerly the RPS-10), the RPHA-Max modular with sunshield, and the RPHA-X Off-road. This RPHA series is backed with a 5-year warranty. From modular and full face models to off-road, HJC’s new product line has something for every rider. Take a look below to see the various graphic choices, and be sure to check our blog regularly for in-depth reviews on each model. Also check out or website: CompetitionAccessories.com for pricing and other product information.



HJC RPHA-10 Helmet


The RPHA 10 has a new, easier to use design for its chin vent.



HJC RPHA-10 Ben Spies Monster II Helmet








HJC RPHA-10 Cage Helmets









HJC RPHA-10 Evoke Helmets







 HJC RPHA Max Modular Helmet


The HJC RPHA Max includes Breath Guard and Chin Curtain, as well as a new innovative chin curtain “extender”

(found in the owner’s manual pouch)


HJC RPHA Max Helmet









The HJC RPHA-X Helmet has been built with superior aerodynamics. After countless hours of testing and development conducted in the HJC wind tunnel, the RPHA-X now has smooth airflow for low wind resistance, and max ventilation.  




AHJC RPHA X Airaid Helmet










HJC RPHA X Tempest Helmet







HJC RPHA X Matte Black Helmet 












HJC RPHA X Factor Helmet








HJC CS-MX Link Helmet











HJC CL-XY Whirl Youth Helmet












HJC CL X6 Whirl Helmet





 HJC CL-16 Full Face Helmets

HJC CL-16 Voltage Helmets have a stunning graphic that will catch everyone’s attention, available in red, yellow or black. The CL-16 Voltage Helmet has a remarkable AccuSight Anti-fog Faceshield that provides UV protection that is top-notch!


HJC CL-16 Virgo Helmet












HJC CL-16 Voltage Helmet

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