Alpinestars GP Pro Leather Gloves Review

Wear the Alpinestars GP Pro Leather Gloves, and you’ll be wearing gloves with not just minimal protective features, but all-over hand protection. Built with premium safety features, these Alpinestars gloves are a great choice if you’re looking for gloves that have a great look and will be sure to keep all of your ‘digits’ in-tact in the event of an accident. A race proven, TPU injected, knuckle protection system has been incorporated into the gloves to absorb and dissipate any force of impact. Internal Kevlar has been placed at the top surface of the hand and thumb lining. K-Tech Kevlar has also been placed in the lining of the little finger for superior impact/abrasion resistance. One trait that the Alpinestars GP Pro gloves have that most gloves don’t, is their patented finger-bridge. This prevents finger separation should an accident/slide occur. External seams have been placed on the fingers and palm for a close fit and superior feel. The GP Pro gloves clearly have extensive protective features that are going to keep you safe on the road. Pair these gloves with the Alpinestars GP Pro Leather Jacket for the ultimate protective gear set. Check out the GP Pro Leather Gloves, Alpinestars gear, and other motorcycle glove options on our website:!

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