Sidi Vortice Hi-Viz Yellow/Black, Inspired by Dovizioso


When Sidi announced that they were going to be supporting Andrea Dovizioso for this year’s MotoGP season, they released an image of him holding a Sidi Vortice in a black/hi-viz yellow color scheme.  We must have made enough noise about how good it looked because they are now going to offer it in the US.  Hi-Viz yellow has been a very popular color over the past couple of years, with many of the top MotoGP riders sporting the bright color on their helmets and gear.

Limited stock quantities will be available in the next couple of weeks, with more coming later this fall.  I would expect these to go fairly quickly, so if you want a pair, you might consider pre-ordering them.

The Sidi Vortice is the ultimate track boot from the italian boot maker, with some of the best built in protection money can buy.  Lateral stability with the external ankle brace is excellent, while the shock absorbing heel cup provides protection for the back of your foot.

My favorite feature of the Sidi Vortice Boots, however, is the Techno adjustment system.  Small ratchet dials at the instep, shin, and calf area provide a truly custom fit, which gives the Vortice’s a nice feel and flexibility for different sized feet and legs.

The Hi-Viz Sidi Vortice Boots will only be available in the standard model (not the perforated Air model pictured at left).  While it will not have the perforation for extra airflow, the standard Vortice does include vents at the toe and side of the foot.

Sidi Vortice Boots retail for $495 and are available in Euro sizes 42-47.

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