Sliders Trident Kevlar Armored Leather Gloves Review

The Sliders Trident Kevlar Armored Leather Gloves have been constructed with high quality motosport ballistic leather chassis, with genuine Dupont Kevlar inserted in the palm of the gloves. Kevlar is a highly abrasion resistant material that is used in many other protective materials including bullet proof vests. For additional protection, rigid armor has been placed over the knuckles, and safety stitching has been used throughout for durability. The expansion joints on the back of the glove and fingers will allow you to open and close your hand without feeling restricted. Elastic has been placed in the wrist of the Trident Leather gloves to allow easy entry and to ensure a snug fit. The adjustable closure will allow the gloves to be used either above or below your jacket cuff. These Sliders gloves come with a 1 year warranty. Be sure to check out Sliders’ other glove options like the Sliders Escape Kevlar Leather Gloves and the Sliders Blue Ridge Kevlar Armored Leather Gloves. You can also take a look at the rest of Sliders riding gear and our other, varied brand, riding glove options on our website:!

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