UCLEAR Brand and Product Overview

UCLEAR is a company devoted to creating communications systems with premium quality and clarity. They push themselves to be leaders in the field of mobile communications by developing game-changing technology, such as their patented Advanced Digital Signal Processing technology, typically used in military and industrial applications, and bringing it to the average consumer scene. UCLEAR’s design philosophy is: Innovation, Simplicity, and Environmental Friendliness. It is with these traits that they strive to produce quality products and satisfied customers.

UCLEAR products manage dynamic surrounding noise with a focus on speech clarity and duplex conversation.  Listed below are some of the items from their latest product line. Any of these items would be a perfect accessory to take with you on your next ride. Communication with your passenger, and/or other riders will be a breeze when you use these intercoms and two-way radios. Read on to learn more about these amazing products and their features. To see their individual listings, as well as other motorcycle communications products, check out our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!

UCLEAR HBC 200 Bluetooth Communicators- UClear Dual Intercom

The UCLEAR HBC 200 Dual Intercom provides an astounding 700 meter bike to bike intercom range, as well as 4 ride intercom capability that allows you to speak to up to four different riders at the same time! The boomless microphone produces crisp, accurate sound; even in extreme wind and noise environments. The HBC 200 Dual Intercom has been incorporated with UCLEAR’s patented ‘Digital Signal Processing Technology’; which isolates your voice and eliminates all background noise. The ‘Voice Command’ feature allows for hands free call pick up, and the ‘Rider to Rider’ feature lets you communicate with your passenger. The UCLEAR HBC 200 is not only a communications device, but you can also use it to listen to/wirelessly control music that will sound great thanks to the HBC 200’s Hi-fi audio. With and operation time of up to 10 hours and a standby time of 560 hours, you can talk as much as you want, for as long as you want. The Li-Ion Polymer battery has plenty of to get you through any trip; and only needs 1.5hours to charge. The HBC 200 Dual Intercom has a weatherproof design, and comes with a USB/wall charger and a 12volt car charger. Firmwear upgrades are available. The UCLEAR HBC 200 Dual Intercom comes with a one year warranty.

Helmet View

UCLEAR HBC 200 Bluetooth Communicators- UClear Single Intercom

  The UCLEAR HBC 200 Single Intercom has the same great features as the Dual Intercom package, including the 700 meter range, 4 rider communication ability, music control capabilities, and hands-free voice control. The HBC 200 Single Intercom also has the Li-Ion-Polymer battery to supply the same amount of operation time (10hrs.), and standby time (560 hrs.) as the dual intercom.  With the same technology and features, the only difference is the number of intercoms received in the package. If you are looking for something to accommodate yourself and a passenger, go for the Dual system, but if it’s just you, go for the Single. Both are Firmwear upgradable, and have a one year warranty.

UCLEAR HBC 100 Bluetooth Communicators- UClear Headset

The UCLEAR HBC 100 Bluetooth Headset is the predecessor to the HBC 200 Bluetooth communicator. The UCLEAE HBC 100 can make mobile calls, allow you to listen to/ control music, and have a helmet to helmet intercom connection. Like the HBC 200, the HBC 100 also has UCLEAR’s patented ‘Digital Signal Processing Technology’ to filter out wind noise and ambient noise, allowing you to hear and be heard with clarity. This Unique wind filtering technique is effective for up to 238 Km/h.  The UCLEAR HBC 100 provides up to 10 hours of talk time, up to two weeks of standby time, and takes about 2 hours to charge the Lithium Polymer battery. The kit includes: The HBC 100 unit, two Velcro mounted stereo headset speakers with embedded microphones, clip style and double sided tape metal mounting brackets, 110 volt AC charger and a USB charging cable.

UCLEAR WT 300 Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie Adapter

The UCLEAR WT 300 Two-Way Radio Wakie Talkie Adapter is a Bluetooth adapter that integrates the HBC 100 to a two-way radio/walkie talkie through the audio jack. The UCLEAR WT 300 enables audio signals to and from two-way radios/walkie talkies to the helmet communicator. The 2.5 mm audio jack interface can also be used to connect a variety of non-Bluetooth communication and music devices (iPod, MP3 Player, etc.). The UCLEAR WT 300 Kit comes with a PTT (Push To Talk) remote. The PTT remote can be positioned in close range for easy access; giving you quick and easy control to call whomever you like at the push of a button. The remote can only be used with the WT 300 adapter.

UCLEAR UAP 100 Universal Accessory Pack

            The UCLEAR UAP 100 Universal Accessory Pack comes with an extra set of Hi-fidelity speakers, as well as mounting hardware. The mounting hardware can be used with various types of helmets (motorcycle, snowmobile, snowboard, and ski).  Each speaker has UCLEAR’s ‘boomless mic’ to provide crisp, accurate sound in even extreme wind and noise environments. Besides hi-fidelity speakers, and the mounting brackets, the Universal Accessory Pack comes with: one permanent helmet attachment clip, one removable helmet attachment clip, one goggle attachment clip, and one side mounted helmet strap clip. There is also an 18” extension cord, and a 12volt car charger.

UCLEAR Universal Headsets (UEA 100 w/ Integrated Mic & UEA 200 featuring Dynamic Sound)

The UCLEAR Universal Headsets come in two separate models: The UEA 100 and the UEA 200. The UCLEAR UEA 100 Universal Headset has Adaptive Deam Forming Technology that captures your voice through an integrated speaker microphone (this requires the UCLEAR control unit). To set it apart from the UEA 100, the UCLEAR UEA 200 Universal Headset has enhanced audio that delivers dynamic stereo sound quality, but also has the Adaptive Deam Forming Technology to capture audio with the integrated mic. Some other features that the two headsets share include:

-Extreme wind and noise cancellation when used with any UCLEAR control unit

-Passive hearing protection from environment noise

-3.5mm audio jack adapter to connect mobile phones and MP3 players

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