Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3.0 Hi Vis Jacket Review and Video

For years Joe Rocket had been working to develop the ultimate hybrid all-season riding jacket.  All of their research and hard work paid off with the introduction of the MetaSport  system used on the highly popular original Alter Ego jacket.  The MetaSport  hybrid system combines a removable outer waterproof shell, breathable mesh inner layer, and removable  warmth vest to make complete 3-in-1 all weather jacket.  New for summer 2012, The Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3.0 Hi Vis Jacket picks up where it’s predecessors left off, with the added safety of Hi Vis coloring for maximum visibility day or night.

Made of a Rock-Tex 660 outershell, the top layer of the Alter Ego 3.0 Hi-Vis textile jacket is 100 percent waterproof.  Everything down to zippers on this jacket is waterproof, making for a comfortable ride on wet and rainy days.  On those hot and dry summer days, the removable waterproof exterior shell can be peeled off to reveal a full mesh jacket.  Constructed of heavy duty polyamide  FreeAir™ mesh, the mesh inner liner of this jacket is optimized keep you cool in the hottest days of summer.  The VariableFlow™ ventilation system is designed to keep a good flow of cool air running thru jacket when riding.  The third component in the MetaSport II™ hybrid system is a removable fleece vest designed to keep the rider warm during the winter months.

The Alter Ego 3.0 Hi-Vis Jacket has some of the best safety and protection features you will find in a motorcycle jacket.  There is grade “A” CE approved armor in the shoulders and elbows, as well as  a pocket on the back of the jacket where optional CE approved spine armor can be inserted.   This jacket is built to keep your critical areas safe during impact in the event of a crash.  The Alter Ego has additional safety features such as reflective stripes down the chest, arms and back of the jacket.  Hi-Vis coloring is the newest safety feature to be added to the line-up of Alter Ego Jackets.  The Hi-Vis bright yellow coloring of this jacket provides maximum visibility during night rides to keep the safe from cars.

The Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3.0 Hi-Vis Jacket also includes the Multi-point SureFit™ adjustment system, which secure the liners of jacket to ensure a custom fit.  It also has adjustable straps around the wrist, middle, bottom of the jacket to allow for a secure fit for every rider.  The Alter Ego 3.0 Hi-Vis Jacket also comes standard with an abundance of storage areas.  These include inner compartments for your face shield and eye glasses.  The removable waterproof outershell can also be converted into a self contained storage pouch when you are not wearing the jacket.  With its unique 3-in-1 MetaSport II™ hybrid system, the Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3.0 Hi-Vis Jacket is ready for anything mother nature can throw at it.

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