AXO Gridlock Jacket Review

The Gridlock Jacket from AXO is here.  If you are looking for a jacket that is stylish,comfortable, and all-weather proof the Gridlock will not disappoint.  This jacket is constructed with a  waterproof nylon outershell and Watertech inner liner, to make it 100 percent waterproof.  The Gridlock also features a removable quilted inner liner designed to keep you warm in the colder months.  This is truly an all-season jacket.   The interior of the Gridlock jacket uses a perforated polyester mesh liner to allow a cool breeze to come thru the jacket when riding.  The polyester inner liner is also bacteria and sweat proof.  The Gridlock also uses a neoprene collar for added riding comfort.

The AXO Gridlock Jacket also holds up well in the areas of safety and protection.  It comes with CE approved armor on the shoulders and elbows.  The Gridlock jacket also has padding on the chest and sides to keep your precious areas safe during impact.  A pocket exist on the back of the jacket where optional back padding can be added.  In addition to top of the line armor protection, the Gridlock jacket is covered with reflective material on the sleeves and back for maximum visibility day or night.  For a truly unique fit, the AXO Gridlock Textile Jacket uses adjustable straps around the waist and wrist.  The AXO Gridlock is one of the most stylish, comfortable  and durable all-season jackets you will find.

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