Gmax GM11D Dual Sport Helmet Review and Video

With the increased popularity of adventure riding over the years, the need for a high quality dual-use motorcycle helmet has rose dramatically. The GM11D helmet from Gmax is the ultimate dual-sport helmet for the serious adventure rider. The GM11D has several convenience features that allow it to be quickly converted from a street to pure off-road helmet in a matter of seconds.

The exterior of GM-11D Helmet is constructed of a D.O.T. approved, lightweight thermo-plastic poly alloy outershell. The lightweight shell is optimized to reduce neck strain when worn. The GM-11D features a unique snap-in breath guard system on the jaw piece that allows the breath guard to be easily lifted with the jaw piece. This system prevents the rider from having to un-glove and un-hook the breath guard when wanting to talk or take a drink. The Gmax GM11 also has push to open chin bar designed to be easily opened with one hand, without forcing the rider to take their gloves off. The Gmax GM 11D uses a clear shield visor that can be removed to give the helmet a clean full-face look. The Gmax GM-11D also has a visor that is specifically designed to prevent helmet lift when riding on the highway, by allowing air to flow across the helmet. For goggles, the GM11D has a huge eye port where even the largest goggles can be inserted. The Gmax GM11D come in four solid colors, finished with a high-quality clear coat. These colors include gloss black, flat back, silver, and hi-vis yellow.

The GM 11D Helmet has just as many exciting features inside the helmet as on the outside. The interior of this helmet uses Dupont’s Coolmax fabric to draw sweat and moisture away from the body, keeping the rider dry and comfortable. For ventilation, the Gmax GM 11D Helmet uses Gmax dual exhaust venting system on the top, back, and sides of the helmet to keep a constant stream of comfortable cool air flowing through the helmet. The GM 11D also has an adjustable chin vent designed to keep a cool upward flow of air across the inside of the face shield, helping prevent the fogging of the face shield. Built in speaker pockets also exist on the inside of the helmet which allow for communication devices to be secured tightly, without compromising comfort for the rider. The Gmax GM-11D Helmet also has deluxe ear pads and custom cheek pads to assure that every rider get the fit they want. With its unique hybrid capabilities, the Gmax GM11D helmet is ideal for the riders who are passionate about taking their street bikes off-road.

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