Firstgear Rush Textile Jacket

The Rush Textile Jacket from Firstgear is the ideal warm weather riding jacket.  Firstgear has been known for years for producing top-quality riding jackets, the Rush carries on this legacy by providing riders with an ultimate breathable, waterproof, and durable summer riding jacket.

To keep the rider dry, the exterior shell of the Firstgear Rush Jacket uses waterproof Hypertex fabric.  In addition to being waterproof the Hypertex material is also very breathable, allowing for hot air to easily escape from the jacket.  For protection, the outershell of the Rush jacket also consist of abrasion resistant 600 denier polyester material.  There is also CE approved armor in the shoulders and elbows of the jacket, along with an EVA foam pad on the back. To ensure a custom fit, the Rush textile jacket has adjustable straps around the waist and wrist.  Reflective panels also exist on the front, side arms, and back of the Rush jacket for increased nighttime visibility.

As its name indicates, the Rush jacket is design to allow air to “rush” in the jacket.  To generate maximum airflow, the Rush jacket has six vents placed strategically on the jacket.  These include two 6″ chest intake vents that brings cool air in, and two large 10″ exhaust vents on the back of the jacket to let the hot air escape.  In addition to the chest and back vents, there are also vents on the sleeve cuffs to give the arms a nice flow of air.  For added convenience, the Rush jacket features a number of storage areas for personal items.  These include two pockets on the outside of the jacket that are sealed with waterproof zippers.  The inside of the jackets includes a special pocket made for phones, as well another map/cargo pocket.  The Firstgear Rush Jacket is the perfect waterproof warm weather jacket for the everyday rider.

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