Arai Corsair V Haslam 2 Helmet

Left Side

Since its beginning, Arai has been obsessed with creating the best motorcycle helmets possible.   Their obsession has lead to some of the most unique and innovative helmets the motorcycle racing world has ever seen.  The Corsair V is the company’s flagship line of full-face helmets, and is used by many in the racing world today.  New for 2012, Arai upgrades their line-up of Corsair V helmets with the addition of the replica Corsair V Haslam 2 Helmet.  The Haslam 2 picks up where the the original Haslam helmet left off, but adds several improvements to the overall structure, design, ventilation, and interior of the helmet.

Like all Arai helmets, the exterior shell of the Corsair V Haslam 2 Helmet is hand-made and constructed of structural net composite.  To make the shell of the helmet even more sturdy, Arai added a new belting system across the forehead of the Haslam 2 helmet.  Peripheral belting increases the structural integrity of the helmet, without compromising its flexibility and low weight.  Another key improvement over the previous Haslam helmet is the outward flaring hyper-ridge at the bottom of the helmet.  The outward flaring hyper-ridge allows for the helmet to be taken on and off easily, as well improve shell strength.  The Haslam 2 also features a wider eyeport than its predecessor.  The wider eyeport allows for better peripheral viewing, giving the rider a feeling of openness when riding.  To match the wider eyeport, the Haslam 2 also has a larger faceshield.  Another change you will notice immediately is the new graphic design of the Haslam 2.  The Haslam 2 features a more sporty graphics package with symmetrical red and blue designs, along with a checkered flag down the center of the helmet.

Right Side

Arai has made several improvements to the ventilation of the Haslam 2 helmet.  The new DF-10 diffuser system use more efficient air inlets to increase airflow to the areas needed the most.  The DF-10 diffuser also has special inlets design to pull old hot air out of the helmet, allowing for a continuous stream of fresh cool air to flow through the helmet.   For convenience Arai has made the upper vent toggles larger, allowing them to be easily manipulated when wearing gloves.  To better let hot air escape, the Haslam 2 also large exhaust vents on the sides of the helmet.  The Corsair Haslam 2 Helmet also has unique brow vents designed to bring airflow to the temples, helping cool the blood flow to the brain.  To improve the overall aerodynamics of the Haslam 2, it uses Arai’s patented Air Wing to reduce drag and turbulence.  The Air Wing is designed to be effective at all riding angles, from full-tuck to upright.

The interior of the Corsair V Haslam 2 is covered with Arai’s Dry-Cool liner, assuring a cool and comfortable ride for the rider.  One of the unique features on the interior of the Haslam 2 is the removable cheek pad system.  In the event of an emergency the Emergency Cheekpad Release System  can be removed easily by medical personnel.   For comfort, a vented neck roll is also included on the inside of the helmet.  The vented neck roll also doubles as another exhaust vent for hot air to escape from inside the helmet.  Whether a fan of Leon Haslam or not, you must appreciate the beauty and innovation put into the new Corsair V Haslam 2 helmet from Arai.

Rear View

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