Gmax GM2 Helmet

New for 2012, Gmax adds to their lineup of open-face helmets with GM2.  Because they provide riders with a wider field of view and more interaction with the environment, open-face helmets have become the choice helmet for many riders today.  The Gmax GM2 Helmet is the ultimate open-faced helmet, allowing for riders to feel the wind on their faces while also providing top-notch protection for the critical areas of the head.

The tough exterior of the GM2 is built of a DOT approved lightweight, injection-molded polycarbonate shell to keep the head safe in the event of a crash.  A 3-snap bubble visor is also included on the outside of the helmet to increase visibility during day rides.  There is a cruiser style visor that can be exchange for the bubble visor, and double lens shield that can be added to it to give the Gmax GM2 a different look.  The outershell of the GM2 also contains an adjustable vent on the forehead that controls the amount of airflow that comes in the helmet.  The GM2 comes in five clear-coated solid colors, these include black, blue, red, white and wine.  There is also two camouflage options available in green and leaf camo designs.  The GM2 has sizes available for both youth and adults.

The inside of the Gmax GM2 consist of a plush dual-liner made of vented nylon to keep the inside of the helmet dry.  For extra comfort and fit, the GM2 also has a mesh crown pad and padded chin strap.  There is also deluxe rubber molding around the edges of the helmet.  Deluxe ear pockets exist on the inside of the helmet to improve overall comfort and fit as well.  For ventilation, the adjustable vent on the forehead and vented nylon mesh interior keep a good flow of cool air flowing through the helmet when riding.  The Gmax GM2 Helmet is a great choice for the rider who wants to keep his or her head protected without the restrictions of a full-face helmet.

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