Sliders All Season 2 Kevlar Mesh Jacket and Pants

The all new Sliders All Season 2 Jacket and Pants have been made to last year round. Slider’s use of mesh and dual liner systems will maintain the All Season 2’s range of use throughout various riding conditions. You can wear either garment separately or together for the ultimate riding suit.


Hot summer days are here!  Need a jacket specifically designed to keep you as cool as your refrigerator in the heat of summer?  New for 2012, the improved Sliders All Season 2 Kevlar Mesh Jacket is the perfect breathable summer jacket.  With a moto-ballistic and nylon poly outershell, the Sliders All Season 2 Kevlar Mesh Jacket will bring in a ton of air to keep you cool in the scorching temperatures of summer.  It also has a two-stage dual liner system that makes the jacket waterproof and breathable, allowing you to keep on riding during those summer rainy days.  The Sliders All Season 2 Kevlar Mesh Jacket also features a thermal liner system built to keep you warm in colder temperatures.  This is truly an all-season jacket.  Offered at a reasonably low price, this jacket has all of the features and quality you would expect from a high priced touring jacket.

The Sliders All Season 2 Kevlar Mesh Jacket is not only built to keep cool, but also safe while riding.  Layered with genuine DuPont Kevlar in the critical areas of the torso, arms and back, this jacket will keep the most important areas of your upper body protected in the event of a crash.  There is also CE approved armor on the back, elbows, and shoulders that provide extra protection during impact.  The Sliders All Season 2 Kevlar Mesh Jacket comes standard with the all of the storage areas a rider needs.  These include two hand pockets, one rear pouch pocket, one inner wallet pocket, and two inner accessories pockets.  The All Season 2 Jacket also has adjustable straps on the wrist, elbows, shoulders, and mid-section to allow for a truly custom fit.  This jacket will include all the features you liked about the original Sliders All Season Jacket, but improves in several key areas.  You will find that the All Season 2 jacket is much more ventilated jacket then its predecessor.  Redesign for maximum airflow, the All Season 2 jacket will keep you even cooler than before.  The All Season 2 Jacket also improved in the area of safety, adding reflective piping and Hi-Viz coloring for safe riding day or night.  Don’t sacrifice your safety in the summer by not wearing protective gear to keep cool.  Stay cool and safe by wearing a Sliders All Season 2 Kevlar Mesh Jacket.


The Sliders All Season 2 Pants have been incorporated with the same abrasion resistant Dupont Kevlar as the jacket. There is also CE armor in the knees that is both removable and height adjustable. SP memory foam has been placed in the hips for extra padding. The All Season 2 pants have been anatomically fitted with a ‘riding position pattern’ to prevent binding and pinching. The interior of the pants has a full length- removable, ripstop, water resistant, quilted liner. The Velcro elasticized waist band creates a comfortable fit, as well as the stretch panels on the thighs, crotch, and over the knees. Several convenience features have been built into the All Season 2 pants, such as the full length leg zipper with lower Velcro closure. This zipper not only makes it easy take the pants off/on, but also provides easy access to any pockets if you are wearing jeans or pants underneath. For storage, there are two, front hand pockets with zipper closures, and reflective Phosolite piping for high visibility.

Altogether, the All Season 2 Jacket and Pants Set provides everything you could possibly look for in a riding suit. A great combination of protection, durability, and attractive design make this Sliders jacket and pants set must-have gear that will last “all season”.



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