Arai Corsair V Isle of Man TT Helmet – Only 40 left in the US!

Arai’s Limited Edition Corsair V Isle of Man TT helmet is a unique helmet that has been flying off the shelves. There are currently only 40 left in the US, and that number is steadily decreasing. This helmet has been constructed with Arai’s popular, ‘top of the line’ Corsair V shell, and includes all new features and designs including:

-Peripheral Belting to further enhance the Corsair V’s structural integrity

-Wider Eyeport

-Series ‘I’ Faceshield- supports wider eyeport, exclusive to Corsair V, completely flush with helmet

-New, Patented Airwing- this has been designed to greatly reduce drag, turbulence, and buffeting. It provides unprecedented aerodynamic performance

-All New outward design with ‘Flaring Hyper Ridge’

-Compact, organic shell shape

On top of its brand new aerodynamic features and vision enhancements, the ‘Isle of Man’ has an extensive, premium ventilation system that also has several new attributes. The all new DF-10 diffuser effectively enhances air flow efficiency. There are new upper vent toggles, new side vent exhaust ports, and the brow vent channeling system has a modified design. The interior of the helmet has also received an update with the all new ‘emergency cheek pad release system’, a removable/replaceable vented neck roll (new), and the latest generation dry-cool liner (also new).

As previously stated, the Corsair V ‘Isle of Man’ is a limited edition, high quality, full face helmet that is going fast. The retail price for this helmet is just shy of $1000, but Competition Accessories will give you an exceptional discount that you’re sure to find reasonable. We provide FREE shipping on Arai helmets and one FREE size exchange at no cost to you! Be sure to get your Corsair V Isle of Man helmet today while supplies last!

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