The Speed & Strength SS500 Helmet

The SS500 is a basic, open-face helmet by Speed and Strength. This shorty helmet has an advanced fiberglass composite shell that either meets or exceeds DOT standards. Its EPS liner system creates a narrower shell profile, making the helmet look a little less bulky when you wear it. The SS-500 has been incorporated with Speed and Strength’s “DVD” (drop visor design). For those looking for a little extra eye protection from wind or the sun, the visor can be easily deployed, and comes in either clear, or light smoke. There is also a removable shorty visor included with the helmet. The quick-release chin strap makes it easy to put the helmet on as well as remove it. The SS500 comes in two different graphics: The SS500 – Go For Broke Helmet, and The SS500 – Hard Knock Life Helmet. Check out the Speed and Strength SS500 helmet, Speed and Strength gear, and other shorty helmet options on our website:!

“Hard Knock Life” Helmet
“Go For Broke” Helmet Rear View

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