GMAX GM69 helmet

The GMAX GM69 helmet is a DOT approved, lightweight helmet with a thermo-poly alloy shell. For the best fit possible, the GM69 comes in multiple shells and styros. This GMAX helmet has an all new wedge design, with high quality ventilation. The intake vents supply high air flow, while the exhaust vents evacuate unwanted warm air and moisture. The upper intake vents have large controls that are easy to use even while wearing gloves. The molded, front air dam will direct breath away from the face shield to reduce fogging, and the adjustable chin vent directs air upward across the inside of the shell. The face shield is an anti-scratch, optically correct shield that can be easily removed without any tools. The eye port has been enlarged for a wider range of vision. The interior of the GM-69 is lined with plush, removable/washable CoolMax. The cheek pads are also removable and can be interchanged with different sizes for a custom fit. The interior of the helmet has been designed for noise reduction. The combination of the vented chin curtain, cheek pad shape, and rear neck roll shape helps to greatly reduce outside noise, which in turn, reduces the chances of rider fatigue. As an extra convenience feature, the chin strap is padded for comfort, and has a D-ring closure. Check out the GMAX GM69 Helmet, GMAX helmets, and other motorcycle helmet options on our website:!

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