GMAX GM11 Dual Sport Helmet

The GMAX GM11 Dual Sport helmet is a D.O.T. approved, lightweight, thermoplastic, poly alloy shell. This dual sport helmet can be easily converted into either a visor or visor-less configuration. The GM11 comes with a clear shield, as well as visor and side plate covers to use when the visor is removed; this gives the helmet a clean, full face, street look. When the visor is fully raised, the clear shield is completely hidden under the visor and out of the rider’s “line-of-sight”. The GM11’s large eye port accepts even the largest goggles. The shell/styro comfort liner vents supply the helmet with maximum airflow, and the top, front, and jaw piece vents can be fully opened or closed even while wearing gloves. The interior of the helmet is lined with a plush, removable, washable liner. The cheek pads are also removable/washable, and have integrated speaker pockets that will accept almost any communications system. Check out the GMAX GM11 Dual Sport helmet, GMAX helmets, and other dual-sport motorcycle helmet options on our website:!

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