Need A Summer Riding Jacket? Take A Look at Speed & Strength’s ‘Trial By Fire’!

Summer is finally here, and temperatures can get pretty heated. When the sun is beating down on you in the summer, a lot of riders just wear a t-shirt to keep from being even more stifled by a riding jacket. But going without a jacket may not be the best option safety wise. So what’s a rider to do? Invest in a mesh jacket! And not just any mesh jacket; the Speed & Strength Trial by Fire jacket is perfect for summer rides. Its lightweight, AR 600 frame mesh material is sure to keep you cool in warmer weather. Many riders have also found that riding in a mesh jacket can actually keep you cooler than riding in just a t-shirt! The Trial by Fire jacket has two liners. The first is a one of a kind, removable, core moisture wicking vest which is convenient for morning rides when weather tends to be a little cooler. The second is the non-removable nylon mesh liner, which will still grant you plenty of airflow. The Speed and Strength Trial by Fire jacket has lots of reflective material for nighttime visibility, and abrasion resistant material over impact areas (elbows and shoulders). The armor is CE approved, and removable.  The back protector is a thick, dual density, contoured pad.

For storage, there is a small stash pocket inside of the jacket, and two hand warmer pockets with zipper closures.  The Trial by Fire jacket has a few fit adjustment options. There are sleeve take-ups that you can change according to your preference; they also reduce flapping. Another fit adjustment feature is the Velcro adjustable sleeve cuffs that can be worn with short cuff or full gauntlet gloves. As an added convenience, there are belt loop snaps at the bottom of the jacket that can connect to your jeans/pants to hold the jacket down while you ride.  As the weather continues to get warmer, you’re going to want a jacket that will keep you cool and protected, and The Speed&Strength Trial by Fire Jacket is definitely the way to go. Check out the Speed and Strength Trial by Fire Jacket, Speed and Strength gear, and other mesh motorcycle jacket options on our website:!



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